Asphalt Paving


At CBG Inc., we give our clients peace of mind. Our qualified and professional team steps in to handle all aspects of the site preparation phase of asphalt paving projects. Our years of experience means our teams provide industry best practices to avoid problems that arise from low quality asphalt paving projects. Asphalt cracking, potholes, upheavals, and depressions can all be traced back to an inferior asphalt paving site preparation.

Is Paving Preparation Necessary?

What happens when a site is not properly prepared for asphalt paving? The ground beneath a paved surface is always changing due to freeze/thaw cycles, changes in moisture levels, and impact from foot traffic and vehicle movement. When CBG prepares the ground for a paving job, we use the right equipment and the right tools to increase the asphalt surface strength and performance.

Our goal at CBG Inc. is to make sure your new paved asphalt surface will last longer and stand up to the weather, time, and traffic better. We accomplish this by paying close attention to detail and doing the job right the first time:

  • We consider the load bearing requirements of the subgrade soil
  • Provide a finished subgrade level to meet required slopes and elevations
  • Provide subgrade compaction for increased paved asphalt strength

The quality of the finished asphalt pavement is directly due to a high performing site preparation that makes sure the soil will have a minimum of change in the future – including less compression, deformation, and erosion after construction.

Asphalt Paving Preparation Contractors

Since 1985, CBG Inc. has grown in size and number, operating as one of South Carolina’s most trusted site preparation contractors. Our team of experienced and highly trained workers know that the best and longest lasting asphalt paving projects will begin with a properly prepared and graded site.

CBG Inc. takes pride in offering the lowest subcontractor bids, while still providing the highest level of quality work in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas. We will consult with your teams on projects and provide an estimate to help you make the best decisions for your project.