Concrete Construction

The first step of any project is preparing the site. The team at CBG specializes in commercial and public roadway infrastructure, with projects starting from the building foundation to the parking lot. Certified with the South Carolina Department of Transportation, our firm is known for its array of projects, completed on time and within budget. We are especially known for our work in stone base placement, curb & gutter, and asphalt paving.

Preparing for Concrete Construction

You can count on CBG to assist with concrete construction projects when the site is being prepared. From excavation to laying the foundation, our team is ready and able to help with assessment, scope and scheduling. We get the job done with our experienced crew and professional processes, making it a priority to meet and exceed project milestones.

Understanding the Concrete Construction Process

The concrete construction process is detailed. Our team tests the soil and surface areas to ensure the group is fully prepared for concrete placement. Our sequences start with the removal of all surface vegetation and topsoil. We then excavate high areas of grade, assess surface and fill placement prior to concreting. There are rules and regulations that must be followed to pass inspection. We are always ready and present at all pre-construction meetings to make sure blueprints and plans are fully adhered to, with our recommendations for completion.

South Carolina’s Site Preparation Crew

It takes an exceptional team to get things done with precision and efficiency. Our staff works with other contractors to ensure our projects are correct from start to finish. With CBG, you’ll work with a team of qualified professionals that can help manage your construction projects in Columbia SC and surrounding areas, offering the lowest bid for top-notch work. For more information or an estimate, contact us for a consultation today!