Construction Services

Since 1985 CBG, Inc. has been serving South Carolina builders from Greenville to Columbia to seamlessly construct commercial buildings, office spaces, residential communities, apartment buildings and much more. Our years of experience mean that we are versed on industry best practices and are able to avoid construction problems. We’re a family owned and operated firm that handles construction projects of all shapes and sizes, taking great pride in doing exceptional work while still offering the lowest bid on the work we do.

Competitive Construction Services

We understand the importance of creating a solid foundation for your construction projects. CBG, Inc. offers a variety of construction services in high demand throughout South Carolina, including projects related to:

Not only do we have extensive experiencing tackling tough jobs like those listed above. We also pride ourselves in having:

  • Highly trained professionals with several decades of construction experience
  • The latest technology and innovations
  • State-of-the-art equipment and trucks
  • Proper permits before beginning any job

Why Put Your Trust in CBG, Inc.?

CBG Inc. has a reputation for delivering quality work at fair prices. Contact us for an estimate or consultation for your next South Carolina construction project and experience the difference for yourself.