Curb & Gutter

CBG Inc. provides the site preparation that is essential for residential and commercial construction of concrete curb and gutter systems. For over 30 years, CBG Inc. has grown from clearing and leveling residential properties to becoming a fully licensed grading and paving service provider for South Carolina’s municipal highway and roads projects.

Expert Curb and Gutter Site Preparation

CBG, Inc. employs trained site preparation technicians and experienced equipment operators to excavate, clear, and prepare your street borders for expert curb and gutter installations. When done right, a well-constructed curb provides a neat and professional look to your home or commercial building, while also strengthening your residential or business sidewalks. CBG knows that it takes a prepped and graded site for gutters to effectively divert storm water runoff into municipal drainage systems. Rely on our expertise and decades of experience to get the job done right, the first time!

South Carolina Site Preparation

Your property’s subgrade at street level becomes compacted over time – causing standing water to collect underground. Site preparation is the process of establishing a level soil base and a uniform water drainage path, before any concrete is even poured. Even with residential projects, large equipment may be required for concrete demolition and earth moving tasks. CBG will deploy their excavator, dozer, and/or grader to clear and prepare your site, including:

  • Identify underground utilities or drainage features
  • Excavate subgrade to establish proper pitch and final grade level
  • Make sure site is properly compacted to the right density
  • Check soil moisture content before subsurface work and final pour
  • Gravel backfill to establish subsurface for concrete curb and gutter

Prepping your soil and site will set the foundation for a uniform and durable curb and gutter installation. If not done right, the effects of heavy traffic, freeze and thaw cycles, and below grade soil erosion can cause joint cracking or concrete shifting. CBG, Inc. will do a quality site preparation, so your curb and gutter system will last longer and maintain a pleasing appearance.

Professional Curb and Drainage Preparation

Before you consider a concrete curb and gutter project or asphalt paving, contact CBG, Inc. to discuss our land clearing and site grading process. We have been building Columbia and surrounding areas of South Carolina since 1985.

CBG, Inc. is a licensed contractor specializing in utility installation, site preparation, grading, highway construction, and heavy hauling. We supply a team-focused workforce with the knowledge and capability to handle a wide variety of project types and sizes in Columbia, SC and surrounding areas. Get the lowest bid on your commercial construction project today!