At the heart of CBG Inc.’s business is land grading. This task involves reshaping the natural lay of the land to meet the grades that the engineer and architects propose for your final project. The purpose of grading is to turn rough terrain into suitable topography for planned development. Also, grading will aid in the management of storm water runoff, both in the short and long term. CBG Inc. has the necessary equipment, expertise, and workforce to tackle any grading project–big or small.

South Carolina Grading Services

Proper grading is vital for many projects. Achieving a true grade assures solid structural construction and is also important for water runoff and as a support for embedded drainage systems. CBG Inc has experience with both sloped-base and level site grading projects. Not only do we have the best team in the business, but we utilize modern technology and machinery to assure accuracy.

Professional Site Preparation Grading

Based in Gaston, CBG Inc. has served the South Carolina area since 1985. Our service extends beyond just completing the job. We work with you to obtain necessary permits and licenses before work begins. In addition, we analyze the project scope and site location as part of the planning process. Our goal is always to protect your landscape and assure the safety of everyone on the job while giving you the results you expect. With our extensive preplanning, we are able to choose the best machinery for the job and the correct number of crew members. The result is unparalleled efficiency–so we can pass the savings to our customers with the lowest bid for a superior job.

Start The Commercial Construction Process

Whether you’re ready to get started on your project right away or you’re just starting to plan for a big job months or years down the line, CBG Inc. of South Carolina is here for you. Contact us today for a consultation and land grading estimate.