Highway Construction

Highway and roadway construction plays an essential role in public and commercial infrastructure. Trust CBG Inc to build your highway with strength and durability in mind to withstand the conditions it could face. With 30 years of expertise we manage the highway construction process for land developers and builders, ensuring the highest quality at the lowest bid.

Highway Construction in South Carolina

The professionals at CBG, Inc. provide a range of services to complete highway construction, from excavation of the area to paving. We help builders, developers and municipalities create the transportation infrastructure needed to meet the growth of private industry and public projects.

Our business is certified as a South Carolina Department of Transportation Contractor that can handle both commercial and public roadway projects. We expertly manage every project to ensure:

  • All deadlines are met
  • Your project meets the highest quality standards
  • The right materials are selected for the specific project and location
  • Engineering specifications are followed
  • The road is correctly leveled and sloped

By using the proper tools and equipment along with an experienced, qualified crew, we are able to provide top-notch construction work while keeping costs under control.

Experienced Highway Construction Professionals

CBG Inc. has gained extensive experience and a strong reputation by providing high-quality contracting services to South Carolina since 1985.

Whether you have a commercial roadway or a public infrastructure project, our experienced and qualified team is ready to help. To receive an estimate and the lowest bid on your Lexington, Columbia, Beaufort or South Carolina project, contact us today!