Site Preparation

If you’re planning on constructing a commercial building, office space, residential community, or apartment building you know that there is a lot more involved than simply assembling the structure. You need to have the property graded so the building sits level, have stones placed to create a sturdy foundation, have the curb and gutters put in and much more. That’s where CBG Inc excels. In business since 1985, we consistently offer the lowest bid while still offering quality, timely work. Our team will work with you from the very beginning of your construction project to provide insight, understand your needs, and provide you with a site that is cleared, level and ready to go!


Making sure your rough terrain or sloped land becomes a level landscape is essential to the construction process. Our team considers all factors, including management of storm water runoff in the grading process to help you avoid drainage issues down the line.

Stone Base Placement

Achieving level flooring for your construction project begins long before the building is built. Create a stable, strong sub base to support concrete and flooring to prevent cracking or improper settling.

Curb and gutters

Prevent water damage from storm water by properly directing runoff away from your buildings foundation and into city sewage and gutter systems. Prevent concrete from shifting by trusting the crew at CBG Inc to properly level and prep soil to support your curb, sidewalk and gutter drainage system

Asphalt paving

With the varying weather conditions and fluctuating moisture levels that South Carolina experiences the soil beneath asphalt paving is constantly changing. Make sure your pavement stands the test of time and impact of ongoing traffic with professional asphalt paving preparation from the crew at CBG Inc.

Concrete construction

You can depend on the team at CBG Inc to prepare any site for the construction of a building foundation, parking lot or roadway. From surveying, to excavation to leveling our professionals will abide to the rules and regulations to make sure your construction project passes inspections with flying colors.

Ready to start your project, or need some guidance? To learn more about getting your building site ready for construction, visit CBG Inc or call us today at for the lowest construction bid and an estimate.