Stone Base Placement

Site preparation is essential to the follow-through of a commercial construction project. A stable, even subbase is key to uniform, strong flooring and the way to prevent wasted concrete. At CBG Inc, we use our 30 years of expertise to carry out the stone base process in a high-quality and cost-effective way for land developers and builders.

Stone Base Placement Services

At CBG Inc, we have the expertise to create a stable subbase that will properly support flooring without cracking or settling. We know how to provide the right composition, thickness and compaction percentage. Also, we manage the process well to save you money that you won’t have to spend on wasted concrete or to fix flooring problems.

Subbase preparation involves more than spreading stone base over a site. For it to provide proper support, this detailed process requires:

  • An evaluation of the integrity of the subgrade layer beneath
  • Choosing the right stone base material
  • Compacting to the correct percentage
  • Managing moisture
  • Creating a flat, even surface for the concrete layer

We are a licensed contractor managing a qualified team with the knowledge and skills to complete this process correctly. We also have the right tools and equipment to ensure this step of site preparation is done in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.

Top Value for Site Preparation

Our company has established a strong presence in South Carolina by providing the highest level of contracting work at the lowest bid since 1985. We know how to streamline a project to make it as efficient as possible while ensuring it’s carried out properly.

We can adapt to the needs of any stone base site preparation job. To get a consultation and the lowest bid on your specific project, call us at (803) 791-8457 or contact us through our website.