Future Business Partners

Our team of experienced professionals have the knowledge that comes with being in the business for over 30 years. We take pride in offering the best service and quality work at the lowest cost to you. We look forward to being your future business partners! Give us a call to discuss your next commercial construction project.

Avery Haselden
Avery Haselden Survey Supervisor
Benjamin Godley
Benjamin Godley Project Manager & Coordinator
Carlisle “Kyle” Godley, Jr
Carlisle “Kyle” Godley, Jr President
Chad Stokes
Chad Stokes Grading & Utility Supervisor
Eddie Mixon
Eddie Mixon Lowcountry Division Trucking Dispatcher
Felicia Pittman
Felicia Pittman Accounts Payable
James Carraway
James Carraway Estimator
Kyle Holladay
Kyle Holladay Project Manager & Estimator
Mark Stokes
Mark Stokes Grading & Utility Supervisor
Michele Catoe
Michele Catoe Accounts Receivable
Preston Wilson
Preston Wilson Shop Foreman
Tal Sams
Tal Sams Erosion Control Inspector & Materials Coordinator
Timothy Watts
Timothy Watts Grading Supervisor
Vincent Holmes
Vincent Holmes Lowcountry Division Utility Supervisor
Warren Scantling
Warren Scantling Lowcountry Division Utility Supervisor